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Community Colleges of Spokane



Spokane Community College (SCC) and Spokane Falls Community College (SFCC) welcome the applications of students from other countries. Both colleges offer international students an opportunity to pursue a quality career/technical or liberal arts education and to live in an All-American city with a metropolitan population of more than 500,000 people. For students who wish to stay in the US for study beyond a two-year degree, the community colleges prepare students for easy transition to four-year colleges and universities.


An important objective for Community Colleges of Spokane (CCS) is to maintain a diverse student population. International students from all countries are encouraged to apply to SCC or SFCC. The colleges support diversity by welcoming international students from around the world.Resident or international students interested in international programs can talk to the counseling staff or call the International Programs Office directly:


  • SCC: 509-533-8659

  • SFCC: 509-533-3242


Through its strong academic programs, international students can complete the first two years of study at CCS then transfer to the four-year institution of their choice to complete a bachelor’s degree, or international students may choose to enroll in one of nearly 100 specialized career and technical programs offered at SCC and SFCC




International students must successfully complete 12 credits each quarter, maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0 (C grade) and progress through an academic program at a reasonable rate. Students who do not meet the above requirements are placed on academic probation. Students who remain on academic probation for two consecutive quarters may be dismissed from the college.




International students are admitted by the International Programs Office upon receipt of the following information:A completed application form and $100 application fee.Evidence of high school graduation or equivalent.English translation of high school and college-level transcripts (also include any US transcripts).Documented evidence of financial support for $16,900 (US Immigration and Naturalization Service requirement).Copy of passport with expiration date at least six months beyond the quarter for which the student is applying.

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