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Why Guardianship is So Valuable?

          Having a guardian for your child is extremely important as living abroad alone, living with a host family, and attending a new school can all be scary propositions for a student and the parents.  As a father of 5 children, I appreciate the journey you are embarking on and want to make it as pleasant as possible.  Pacific Rim assumes guardianship for each student so we are able to help with medical care, insurance, banking, college applications, legal issues, tutoring, and all issues with the school including class selection, counseling, graduation, conflict with teachers, and conflict with other students.  
          Pacific Rim chooses to remain a small company in one of the best areas of the United States so that your child can have personal care and one-on-one help.  In addition, I live near each of these schools and make myself available at all hours to every student.  Larger companies often don't have a person nearby to help, but Pacific Rim prides itself in loving each student and treating each student as though he or she is their own.  
          As you look at your goals, there is lots to consider, but the most important is the care of the child.  Pacific Rim offers the best and is committed to journeying with each family through this process.
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